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: some reason i think the taliban have been able to infiltrate. >> they feel the taliban has the power now. we're leaving and within a year, year or two, then the taliban still going to be there. so the taliban are just sitting back, wait 'til we leave, and -- >> bill: so you think at that some afghan troops are being >> i do.ed b >> bill: but usually the ones that attack americans are killed right away. so they have to be pretty devoted to the taliban to give up their lives. they take out two or three nato forces and they themselves are killed. >> look at suicide bombers. >> bill: right. but it would be more than, well, a calculation that i may be i'll go over to the taliban. these are people who really want. is it so chaotic that any taliban can get an afghan uniform? n they take their gear to the market all the time. >> bill: so that's no problem. and the police are different from the afghan army, right? >> i worked with the afghan army. i wouldn't trust the police in any way, shape, or form. >> bill: why? >> talking about afghans, talking about afghans. they tint like the afghan po
administration has set a date for withdrawal extra. >> why should the taliban take risks when they know we are leaving? it's more for the afghan army personnel who want to show their loyalty to taliban. >> reporter: there is fear among the afghan army that the taliban will seek retribution against anybody who has cooperated with the americans. bill: we are hearing president obama will move quickly to announce a new treasury secretary if reelected in november. the "wall street journal" says whoever that is will play a big role in congress over nearing the fiscal cliff. without a deal many economists predict another recession. stuart, good morning. what's the significance of this? >> reporter: the president says we are headed in the right direction. the evidence suggests we are headed in the wrong direction. the word recession is more commonly used. the evidence is this. we know the economy is slowing dramatically. we know income is down. and we know that buying power is down. that's over the last 3 1/2 years and bringing us up to the current state. if we have a second term and the president
jihadists. >> more carnage in afghanistan. the taliban take responsibility for a suicide attack that killed 14 today including three americans. we are deployed in the hot spots today with lester holt live in afghanistan and ann curry on the syrian border. >>> good day. i'm andrea mitchell live in washington, days away from thes first presidential debate in denver where mitt romney and barack obama will be trying to reach a shrinking pool of undecided voters. joining me for our daily fix, chris cizilla. the challenges for both. everyone trying to lower expectations but the fact is, that both of these -- both of these debaters are experienced, they both had primary debates but there is a challenge first for mitt romney, he's never gone head-to-head against barack obama and for the president, he has not debated in a while. he didn't have any -- of course didn't have any primary challenges this year. >> right. andrea, i always think it's hilarious, last night in las vegas barack obama said i'm an okay debater. it's like when lou holtz was the coach of notre dame and playing east/west texas stat
video u.s. officials described as deplorable and disgusting. u.s. marines yur rating on dead taliban fighters and posing for pictures the corpses. two staff sergeants were charged in that incident for failing to supervise the junior troops. three other marines have already been punished in that case. >>> an update to the sexual hazing story we told you about yesterday. four students at a high school in southern california briefly taken into custody on suspicion of assaulting four younger soccer players. they were cited and released friday as the d.a.'s office investigated if any adults might have been involveded in this. the players were reportedly beaten with a stick, possibly aafta javelin and in one case, the stick was used to allegedly sodomize one of them. their coach is on leave now. >> awful. >>> a giant panda cub dies. the initial test reveals that the newborn which was six days old and weighed just four ounces, the cub was not crushed by the mother. the mother still cradles a toy in her den, a sign she's not transition from her mothering role. >>> next hour we'll talk to drd
. helping the taliban with logistics and funding. the courts here say he and four other british-based terror suspects should be extradited. >> there is no question that he is a dangerous man. that successive government have been trying to remove him. that's why i welcome the decision of the men who question he should be extradited to the united states. >> the holdup was they needed to determine he would not be inhumanely treated if sent to united states. he kept filing for appeals. said to have been key aides of bin laden. in response to extra division ruling, some jihadist website called for u.k. to be punis punished. they could be on their way to states in a matter of weeks but as the story has been full of legal twists and turns, those awaiting them at the department of justice won't breathe a sigh of relief until terror suspects are wheels up. >> bret: amy, thank you. obama administration has recently made public a new list of prisoners cleared for release or transfer from the terrorist detention facility at guantanamo bay, cuba. apparently having served time there is becoming for insurg
this discussion? why is this so difficult to do? >> the biggest nightmare, the taliban is for us to not leave the region, to have a partnership with the afghan people past 2014. my hope we would withdraw most of our troops in 2014. leave 15 or 20,000 behind to aid the afghan army to make sure there is never a chance for the taliban to take the country over militarily. they know that. what are they trying to do? they're trying to break the partnership apart, the taliban. jenna: would you take the troops and put them in libya and go after the people that murdered our ambassador? >> i would work with the libyan government and the libyan people to have a joint operation to go after the terrorists. in afghanistan i would tell the taliban, you will never come back in power through the use of force. we'll never let this place become a safe haven for terrorists. we'll withdraw a troops substantially but we'll leave a follow-on force behind. your days of hoping to take this country are over and those brave enough to help us will feel emboldened and those that don't will be driven out the region and de
in case any other ieds have been laid on the road. recently the taliban have been planting ieds that are almost impossible to detect because they contain little if any metal. a sign the enemy is becoming much more sophisticated. lieutenant mohamed is leading this operation. the 30-year-old who oearns less than $300 a month tells me, i do this because it's my job. i'm prepared to lose my own life, but i don't want other people to die. at the beginning of the year the afghan army had no idea how to diffuse an ied other than to shoot it or set it on fire. now with the right training and equipment they have the skills to disable these deadly devices. after 20 minutes, the soldiers determine the site is clear claiming the taliban either removed it once it had been reported or a local took the ied to claim the $100 reward. in the last few months there have been alarming reports of the taliban returning and even overrunning checkpoints. the taliban are a resilient enemy and constantly trying to infiltrate the ranks. while there have been no insider attacks by the men under his watch, h
kingpins. the man is so ruthly he goes by the rig name el taliban. mexican marines captured this guy in the central part of the country. he is one of the leaders of the vicious cartel that believed responsible much of the drug violence. 50,000 people have been killed in the last six years this. including 11 more today the we have the scene here of a shootout between mexican soldiers and cartel gunmen. cops found guns, vehicles and bags of weed. no one ever found a trace of the teamster boss hoffa and we have ongoing cycles of looking for him. he is not this. look for him. he is not there. it is become. countless sevens turned up nothing and now there is a new tip and a new search. cops say they have found something. maybe he is under the driveway. stay tuned. [ male announcer ] this is anna, her long day teaching the perfect swing begins with back pain and a choice. take advil, and maybe have to take up to four in a day. or take aleve, which can relieve pain all day with just two pills. good eye. >>shepard: the national service issued a tornado warning for parts of colorado. this is
by the taliban. fort hood, turns out this guy was in touch with the cleric in association with the arabian -- >> sean: the pandering hasn't worked. >> that is utter insanity. >> sean: steve, i have a question for you. they said to us, the american people, they went out and there and they said, this has nothing to do with america, nothing to do with american policies. that's what they said. they said it had to do with a movie trailer released in july, and it just so happened to happen on 9/11. and, by the way, this spontaneous attack, they just so happened to rocket-propelled grenades and mortars with them at the time the spontaneous attack took place. not even you, steve, partisan democrat, should believe that. >> sean, this is a perfect example of what's called the fog of war. >> sean: fog of war? three weeks, fog of war. >> yes, that's exactly what it is. >> sean: it's a joke. >> there was total confusion afterwards, riots everywhere. >> sean: they knew within 24 hours, steve. >> what's a joke is your tirade here. this president has launched 270 drone attacks against -- >> sean: steve wa
. we had been there 6 1/2 years with no plan. we routed the taliban, we did not defeat them, and then we left and went to iraq. so president obama had to put a plan in place and a timetable to get it done. so it may not be as fast as we would all like, but the fact is, the cost of this war, in terms of our human treasure, the most important part, our young people, the casualties to their lives and to their physical well-being and their mental -- it's all physical, mental or not. so, yeah, i do think that this is taking to us a place where we should really understand that war, as a resolution of conflict, is an obsolete idea. and we should take the debate to a bigger place, a bigger place. i'll never get over the fact that president bush took us into war on a false premise, that he knew was false, that his administration knew was false, for a different agenda, and look how long we stayed in iraq. >> whether or not it ends up becoming an issue in the presidential race, is this a matter for congress to decide, in terms of when we leave, before the election or after the election
facilities overseas to meet the demand. >>> the taliban claiming responsibility for an attack this morning. officials say the bomber drove a motorcycle packed with explosives into a joint patrol of afghan and nato forces in the eastern part of the country. three nato service officers and four afghan police officers were among those killed. just this past weekend two americans were kimmed in an insider attack that may have involved insurgents in kabul. the top u.s. commander in afghanistan told cbs's "60 minutes" just how he feels about a spike in these so-called green on blue attacks. >> well, i'm mad as hell about them to be honest with you. we're going to get after this. it reverberates everywhere. across the united states. we're -- we're willing to sacrifice a lot for this campaign. we're not willing to be murdered for it. >> u.s. troops have been training afghan forces to defend their country as america plans to pull out of afghanistan by the end of 2014. >>> the obama administration now defending its original assessment of the attack that killed four americans in libya on september 11
message is this: most of the casualties from the taliban ieds aren't americans, they're afghans. they are, indeed, afghan casualties. most of what the taliban does inflicts casualties on their own countrymen. the good news is the united states is still here backing them up, as you just saw. alisyn: and, colonel north, quickly, we are hearing reports here in the states that military voting is way down in this election cycle. what are the troops saying to you in the field? >> i've done my own informal off the record polls out here, and roughly 50% of those who have asked for ballots have not yet received them. of course, the good news is, there is still time. the big question is, how many of those who asked for them will never get them, and if there are numbers who haven't asked for them, we've got to find out why. back to you. alisyn: colonel north, thank you so much for that story. >>> meanwhile, growing outrage back here at home over those reports that u.s. troops are not getting the voter assistance they need in the field. in virginia alone there was a 92% drop in absentee ballot reques
Search Results 0 to 24 of about 25 (some duplicates have been removed)